Five^H^H^H^H^H Seven things I miss about not having a dog

Bandit was put to sleep the day after Xmas 2007. (See).

  1. I have no reason to rush home after work. Well, my wife, Bette, I suppose, but she gets home later… I would let him up, and we would go out and get the mail, come in, get his dinner. It was a fine life.
  2. The dog bed is empty. Soon it will be given away.
  3. I don’t have anyone to go do errands with. Bandit loved the car, even though he would bark until I came back.
  4. A dog is inherently male. He burps when he wants, farts as necessary (much to Bette’s dismay) and eats whatever he can get a hold of. He loves unconditionally, is kind to all, but defends his turf when necessary. A fine way to live. We “civilized” humans should take note.
  5. He was Sarah’s dog, so in a way, he is our last living link to Sarah — other than her mom, her friends and her family.
  6. Bette liked having him there to talk to or yell at. Now she has to yell at me.
  7. His smell. Sometimes I just put my nose in his fur and sniffed. Bette says that is what she missed most about Sarah. Dogs just smell warm and friendly.
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  1. steve says:

    When I drop a potato chip, now I need to pick it up.

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