Walter the Limo Driver

Well, I finally emptied out my wallet of cruft. One card I came across was for Walter Jalosinski, a Certified Professional Chauffeur out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Why do I have his card? Eric and I traveled to Edmonton on business several times. On our first trip, somehow we got him for a limo driver and he was a) personable, b) knew a lot about the area, and c) showed up on time (at 4AM), drove like hell and got there fast. We used him every time, and on our last trip before the summer, we askied him about the Canadian Rockies trip. He gave us lots of advice on what to see, where to go, what to skip. Very helpful.

Our last trip we rented a car, so we didn’t need Walter. I feel kind of bad for stealing his last fare, so consider this free advertising:

Walter Jalosinski
Prestige Limousine
Edmonton, Alberta, CA

Cell: 780-910-5559
Fax: 780-476-9552
Email: walterslimoNOSPAMATtelusDOTblackberryDOTnet

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