Twilight Cafe

One of our favorite restaurants in Sanibel was the Twilight Cafe at 751 Tarpon Bay Rd. It sat behind an art gallery so you could browse while waiting for your table. Once inside, the decor was — unique — kind of Cheesecake Factory weird — but very nice. Very crowded, but cool entrees. Their symbol was the stylized sun, half in shadow — hence Twilight.

Our favorite was the grilled veggies accompanying each entree. Once we asked for the recipe, and the waitress handed us the business card — I guess they got asked this a lot — and there was the recipe on the back.

We lost the card, I wrote back with a SASE and they sent me another one.

I just found the card under a pile. Last year, we saw they had closed. So they probably won’t mind if I post this recipe so I don’t lose it again.

“Our World Famous Broccoli”

  • Blend Red Onion with equal parts Soy Sauce and Red Wine Vinegar with 3 parts vegetable oil.
  • Marinate 4 hours
  • Grill and enjoy

Simple, but good. Like most timeless recipes. Thanks, Chef Robert W. Parks Jr., and I hope you have success in your new place!

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