Chellie’s House

Grace, Bette & Dave traveled into Chicago to visit niece/granddaughter Chellie who lives near North and Wells. After dumping them off at the door and finding a parking place two blocks away at a 2-hour meter, we saw Chellie’s 900 sq-ft apartment. Very nice, and she has done a lot of decorating to make it a little more homey.

Then we walked next door to her new apartment, next to a big old Greek church. What a difference. On the 3rd floor, twice as big, nice wood floors and windows! Light! She will like that one much better. She moves soon.

For lunch we headed over to Dublin’s Bar & Grill. I had to go feed the meter halfway thru lunch, but on the way back there is a nice farmer’s market a block down and I got some sunflowers to put by the Sarah trees and for Bette.

On the way home, I missed several turnoffs and we ended up by the old post office. Traffic was messed up due to construction, accidents and activities downtown, so going anywhere took forever, the 18th st exit was closed and I forget that you cannot get on 90/94 East and exit at the 290 ramp. Hence going down to Taylor St, turning around, missing the 290 on ramp from the OTHER direction, exiting at Madison? and then wending east and south to get to Congress Parkway. What a mess. Grace enjoyed the trip, seeing all these different places, so I guess it was ok.

Dublin’s, 1030 N State St, Chicago, 60610 (312) 266-6340

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