Hell, thy name is XP installer

Picture this: my computer with Win2K has this partitioning:

disk partition/drive letter
0 part0=C: part1=G: part2=D:
1 part0=E:

Okay, so I can easily back up drive C:, and use the XP installer to delete the C: partition and create a new partition in that slot. Then, reinstall, set up apps, everyone is happy, no?


After I was done, partition 1 is now marked as system drive, and d1/p0 is marked D: and — the good part — I can’t change any of this with the XP Manage Hard Disks.

After much Googling and reading I found a nice app called MBRWizard, but this stuff scared me. If I blow the partition table, ALL my drives are dead, and I don’t have backups of the other drives. I conveniently received a sales email from my old Boot Commander folks Vcom about their new Partition Commander release for $30. I had used Partition Magic at work, and it worked ok. I bought, installed, burned the boot CD and it showed me a lovely arrangement of sensibly arranged drive letters. Click Save, reboot, and reinstall XP. Now the C drive AND the boot drive is d0/p0 as the Lord ordained. XP install complete for the 5th time, and a little drive letter munging, and we are back!

Wikipedia on Master Boot Record
MBRWizard freeware

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