We stayed at the Athabasca Hotel in Jasper, centrally located and loaded with personality. It looked like an old Western hotel, and Eric’s room certainly did with a single washstand, and bed – and that’s it. He had a common washroom, which saved money but was not going to work for Bette. Rooms were nice, modern fixtures, good bathrooms. Stairs only, no elevator — at least I didn’t see one, but only has two floors, so no problem. Ice bucket was a Tupperware container, with paper-wrapped glasses ala 1950 motels. Our room was along the back of the hotel; look down, and a lovely view of the alley and some dumpsters and a gravel roof. Look up and you see a magnificent mountain range, shrouded in fog sometimes. We mostly looked up.

We had a beer in the hotel bar. Old-school bar; log walls, stuffed animal heads on the wall. Fun. Like being in the UP.

Bette and I walked up and down the street, visiting the train.

I asked the visitor center lady about places to eat. She suggested Evil Dave’s Grill, and when we asked the young man at the hotel desk about Evil Dave’s he said, “Oh yeah that’s a great place.” Two recommendations from locals is not to be sneezed at.

All the items on the menu were, well, evil and dark names. Even The Wendy, which Bette had for dinner, was Dave’s Ex-Wife. Fun menu, did NOT have Big Rock products, which was bad, but the Sleemans was OK. A very nice place, but bring some cash.

Eric went back to the hotel to game a bit with Shawn, and Bette and Dave headed out to look for dessert. We found a small coffee shop, Spooners Coffee Bar, up Patricia street a bit, deserted, and got a couple coffees and sat outside. After a bit, several other people seemed to see us and decide to go in. We should have gotten a commission.

Then off to bed for a big day tomorrow…

Athabasca Hotel, 510 Patricia St, Jasper
Spooners Coffee Bar & Eatery‎, 610 Patricia St, Jasper


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