Bette and I went for an early walk thru the PedWay. We were always outside, since it was so nice, and from the Coast, there wasn’t much point to using the PedWay, unless you were on the way to lunch. We saw the legendary Chicken for Lunch, and noted the potential length of the lines.

Ricky’s All Day Grill for a low key breakfast. Just got there when they opened. Funny how few places are open early downtown. You’d think more people would be there early. We were.

Blue Plate Diner is a funky cute cafe with two outside tables and interesting art.
Spicy Bean beef burrito
Tofu on toasted wheat bread with spicy pesto
I had a pint of Alley Kat Amber Ale. Bette had a Hemingway — rum, maraschino liqueur, OJ and grapefruit juice. Yum. (Recipes I Googled had vodka, lime juice, you name it).

Recommended. Make reservations for lunch — we almost did not get in.

Dave and Eric went to the Moravian church in Edmonton — Dave’s family was in the church and Dave likes to visit them where he finds them. So he and Eric went out and found it. Then they dumped the car off at the Coast, and headed off to the tobacconist on 101 for a Cuban.

Bette and I found the tobacconist whilst we walked around that morning. The tobacconist was knowledgeable and had a large walk-in humidor. They asked for Cubans — he nodded, knowlingly, “Ah, the forbidden fruit.” Each gentleman was asked to describe his smoking style so a suitable match could be found. After selecting two cigars, getting them cut and a pack of matches, the boys went for a walk around town.

Dinner was at Boston Pizza in the Edmonton Mall. Bette was required by law to go to the mall,


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