Just found a bottle of Cuervo Reposado Tradicional Limited Production in the liquor crate. So here we go again with the taste test.

Cazadores Reposado: if you breathe it enough, it bites a bit. Nothing going down, but a warm glow down the throat. Take that, Nexium.

Cracker to settle, in my best wine snob imitation. (My favorite comment on wine snobs is from Dave Barry who said, “My wine analysis is pretty much to drink it and find more.)

Now the Cuervo Reposado. Definitely more of the Cuervo harshness in the nose. And the tongue is attacked by the stuff, and it finishes like turps. Better than the Cuervo Gold, much lighter in the aftereffects, but still harsh. I would not pay more for it over Cuervo Gold.

Winner: Cazadores Reposado.


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