Tequila Sunset

June 15, 2007 | 1 Comment

I heard a program on YouTube from the Today shows talking about tequilas. I hated the show — too much mugging for the camera and bad drunk jokes, but some good info. I love margaritas but never considered the tequila, except which one to buy, which is hard in a crowded aisle. I just knew you wanted 100% agave, and that eliminated the cheap stuff, $25 and under. Esteban at work recommended Herradura and Cazadores brands, but had no reasons why. I recently bought two bottles of more premium tequila, and with the wife out of town decided to try a little sampling.

First the Cuervo Gold. This is missing the 100% agave. It has a fiery nose, and goes down harsh. The amazing thing is the finish — 10 secs after you sip, the fire gets worse in your throat. Steely Dan was obviously on hash when the Cuervo Gold made tonite a wonderful thing.

Now a Cazadores Reposado. A Reposado is, by law, aged in oak barrels ala wine for at least two months. It has somewhat of a less fiery nose, and sipping it was orders of magnitude smoother. And the finish was good — no harsh burning, just flavor, but with a bit of fire to make you remember it is Tequila. The Cazardores website had a margarita recipe, read by a luscious pretend bartender, which I tried, and man am I flying….


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