I use PocoMail for email and POPFile for spam filtering. PocoMail eliminates all the script viruses and since attachments are just saved down to the disk in a folder, my AVG Anti-Virus just picks them right up. No Outlook specfic scanners. Nice.

PocoMail has integrated naive Bayes spam filtering, but my wife was using it and it was taking forever to train. I have been using POPFile for years, and just installed it on her machine. Wow. After training on 20 messages it was 90% accurate with four “buckets” (spam,personal,sales,work and the default unclassified)

Anyway, to kind of integrate with PocoMail, I wrote this PocoScript to attach a button on the GUI to bring up the POPFile web GUI on that message for reclassification.

{ Script: HeaderLaunchPOPFile
{ Created: 20040116
{ Author: David Chwalisz
{ Purpose:
{ Mode: This script is designed to run against incoming messages.
{ Modification log:
Set $OnErrorGoTo ErrorHandler

{ get the popfile link from the email
ReadHeader $link "X-POPFIle-Link:" %message

Execute $link



This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.

Creative Commons License

Enjoy, and enjoy knowing that not every useful program is from Microsoft!


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