The Grand Ole Opry and Opryland Adventure

After a double loop around the exit ramps while I tried to figure out which way West was on the map, we headed out to Opryland.

THe area
Huge Huge

The will call line was well marked, and we walked up, waited in line for seconds and were out in minutes. Nice.

The show

Garrison Keillor copied this.

Mike Snider!


Pulled up at the Magnolia building, and the valet filled us in. The steak house is the only restaurant that validates the $20 valet parking. Fine. Sign us up.

Lavish drinks in the bar, but Bette and Sara were stuck behind some sick prom night girls so I sat in the bar while they were in line in the john. Then our pager buzzed so I had to find the dude to tab out. Nice relaxing drink.

Lavish Dinner at the Old Hickory Restaurant. I had a very good baked Onion soup, the Prime New York Strip. Bette had the Plantation Plate and an interesting tomato salad; the tomato slices were 1/2 inch thick separated by a 3/4″ thick slab of cheese topped with basil etc. Almost too overpowering. We like Bette’s tomato salad better. Sara had a chop salad that she enjoyed. Another couple glasses of nice wine and Malibu and coke for Sara. The coolest thing — popcorn ice cream — popcorn flavored ice cream, with caramel topping sprinkled with kettle corn. Recommended.

Lost at the pool.

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