The Country Music Marathon 2007

We woke at 4:30AM to get ready to hit the breakfast bar at 5:00 (conveniently opened early by a VERY accommodating management) and had some carbs. At 7:00, we headed onto Broadway, left this time, and walked past the beautiful campus of Vanderbilt University, with Corny’s statue right on Broadway. We made a note to come back to look around.

The corrals

The race

Waiting for Sara at mile marker 10

The Union Station Hotel

Hike to the finish

A call for help
So here we are by the railroad overpass and the phone rings. Sara calls. She is done with the race, and is waiting at the finish line, a 3 mile hike thru town and over the bridge right next to the stadium. Off we trudge.

Reunion by the Croc Tent

We looks for the tent selling Crocs, and look around. Eventually we find Sara, a little worse for wear but looking good.

The long walk home, with a beer.
We walked back a bit, asked Sara if we should get a cab. She thought a walk would help her work out the soreness, so off we go, a different route this time, but down Broadway on the other side of the street. It was about 1PM or so, and we found a bar that had big open windows and was across from Legends, so it looked like a good people-watching location. And had a beer – had to replenish those energy stores!

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