Nashville – Lunch, Pool Time and Vanderbilt U.

Lunch at Noshville, a New-York style deli with lovely pickled tomatoes and new pickles. I had the pastrami, and yes, it was good like the dude said. Bette had the liverwurst sandwich, and Sara, who was not hungry, had a HUGE turkey sub, and saved most of it in the cooler. Good, but a pastrami sandwich was 9.99 with no drink. The bill for the three of us was over $30. Not a cheap lunch. They had neat sodas at the counter, with sugar, not HFCS, but they didn’t have it cold. A strange way to sell $2.00 sodas on a hot day.

We sat out by the pool, watching the runners slowly filter out to the pool to soak their aching legs in the cold water. I dangled my feet — it did feel good after walking.

Vanderbilt U

Met student, led us through the campus to the bookstore.

Follett employees get discounts, but I didn’t have an ID.

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