Edmonton – Monday (Ricky’s Grill, Sunterra, Lazia)

Breakfast at Ricky’s All Day Grill; eggs, hash browns and sausage, good coffee for 5 CAD. Much better than the hotel buffet for 15 CAD. Forget to bring a comb, so stop at the drugstore on the way back.

Sunterra has the Big Pan 1 & 2 — two huge metal pans with some sort of good slop cooking at any given time. I had the “jambalaya”, not exactly Cajun, but good — beef, sausage, peppers in a great sauce over rice. 10150 Jasper Avenue on the PedWay. Eric came later today (after a 50 CAD taxi ride — yow!) and ate at our favorite Japanese fast food place (Edo Japan) in the food court.

And then Lazia. In the mall, how good can it be? Someone at the office recommended the steaks, so what the heck! First of all, a cool place. Weird glass sculptures, pebbles on the walls, big circular leather seats. Window view if you like. Seating out the front into the walkway with pseudo-alfresco tables — outdoor seating inside. Thursday night is hoppin’.

Start off with a Trad from Calgary’s Big Rock Brewery. Our waitress, Kyla, encouraged us to go for the Trad, since it was a local beer and a big supporter of local events. And darn good too… I had one last trip, so it was an easy sell. (5.45 CAD, as opposed to the 7 CAD Guinness).

I had the grilled Mahi Mahi coated in sesame with rice and veges. Well prepared, not burnt to death, and nice and light for a dinner. Pricey at 19 CAD, but excellent. Eric had the Butter Chicken, an East Indian dish. (why Butter Chicken? Thangam?) It was good too, and was a lot of food for 17 CAD. I had a coffee (dark or medium roast? nice choice!). All in all an excellent dinner, good service, good food, good beer. I can’t come up with anything to complain about, anyway. Edmonton City Centre West, 10200 – 102 Avenue.

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