A good laptop is your best travelin’ friend

Here in Edmonton. Nice place. Went to see the West Edmonton mall yesterday — largest in North America — and nearly died on the roller coaster. They should have to mark the end that goes first. But a mall is a mall. Big, yes. Ice rink, yes. Santa Maria replica, yes. Underwater life viewing tunnel, yes. Amusement park, yes. But still a mall. And Bourbon Street (restaurant row) is a poor excuse when you have been at the real one.

Anyway, this laptop has been great. I can work at night, catch up on stuff, listen to tunes (although Rhapsody does not work in Canada, even though my account is USA), do email, watch movies. Makes me want to go out and buy one. Not. A company loaner is much better.

Forgot to empty out my digital camera. Go to the drugstore, and for 2.99 CDN get a CD with all the files. Copy, zip, upload to my FTP site. Now I have backups! Nice!

This is a Dell Latitude D620. T2400@1.83 GHz, 2GB RAM, 80Gb HD, DVD/CD, widescreen LCD and more! But keyboard is not great — I keep mixing up keys — and any laptop without a real mouse is minimally usable. At the office, I can use a MS Natural Keyboard and mouse. Not bad. And wireless is nice.

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