Corned Beef Story – Support your local specialty merchant!

Made a soup today, Creamy Reuben Soup (from the Frank’s Kraut website). Needed 1/2 lb of corned beef. Went to Jones Country Meats in Woodstock at 5:50P (they close at six). Said I needed 1/2 lb. He goes to the freezer, gets a frozen one, weighs it. 7 lbs. Bit much.

He cracks open the shrink wrap, brings it in back, and saws an inch-thick chunk off. Takes 3 mins. Then brings it back, on the scale. 1 lb. OK? Sure, I like extra meat. Wraps it up, to the register. They have Organic Valley stuff, I also get 2 cartons of O.V. chocolate milk. $7.95. All that service for $7.95.

Try that at Jewel. Support your local specialty merchant!

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