Zapata Falls Trail – Alamosa, CO

We drove for 20 minutes up a steep winding gravel road. As we got out of the car in the parking lot, I noticed hissing. Opening the hood, I saw no split hoses, but all the coolant had come out of the reservoir.

No cell phone reception, so might as well hike. Worry about the car later.

Followed by the Boy Scout troop from the Dunes, we hiked 20 minutes up a steep rocky trail. Then along a COLD running stream with some tricky boulders for 500 yards. The falls were up a shelf, and dumped into a pool. Looked neat, but we decided against risking certain damage.

On the way down, the reservoir warning light went on. Back down the road to the general store, where they wanted $15 for a gallon of antifreeze. No thanks. Got an ice cream bar and we are off, back West through Alamosa on our way to Durango.

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