Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve

Highlight of Bette’s Trip. (Park website) Big Sand Dunes in the middle of nowhere. Emily’s stepdad recommended we try sliding down the dunes on cardboard. We climbed up halfway and tried to slide down on pices of the cut up Jeopardy board. The coefficient of friction makes for slow going, especially for a fat-ass like me.


  1. Make the pieces bigger or bring a saucer. I don’t think that would work anyway. Big sheets might, to distribute the weight.
  2. Go early in the day (gets real hot out there) (good advice, Emily’s stepdad).
  3. Bring a hang glider. Much better dunes than Outer Banks.

We hiked about a bit to get an look over the dunes from 400 feet up, then back along the river. Which was dry. Hot Hot Hot.

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