Durango for Dinner

Arrived in Durango, and found that the Hampton Inn had our reservation screwed up. Must have been when I shifted our package one day earlier.

RULE: Always call the hotel directly to confirm reservations when in a package deal.

Bette was able to rough up the help enough to let us stay (the ladies at the desk were very helpful, and bumped another guy who had not arrived yet.)

We asked the desk people about restaurants, and the one brewpub fan (in Colorado, brewery capital of the US) recommended one of two places. I picked Steamworks.

Four words: Cilantro Lime Salad Dressing. YUM!!!! ok, five words. And good burgers. Lovely seating on the balcony. And a college geology trip with lots of interesting characters to eavesdrop on.

Then took a walk toward the train station to scope out parking. The waiter told us to park in the lot next to McDonald’s. We found McD and the parking lot, and were ready for the next day.

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