Rhapsody Desktop Script error

At some point, Rhapsody (Windows 7) started popping error messages every time I did something in the GUI. Annoying. Found this article that described a possibility of firewall or AV software. I drilled into Internet Options, the Security tab, then looked at Trusted Sites. (Click the “Sites…” button.) The offending URL was there, http://pagead.googlesyndication.com/. SO… Continue reading Rhapsody Desktop Script error

Dance Therapy Recital

On 10 July Bette and I attended the Faculty/Student Benefit Concert for the Dance/Movement Therapy & Counseling Department of Columbia College, Chicago. Why? We responded in late spring to a letter from Alexandria, a local DMTC Master’s candidate (who actually attended Marian Central) who, for her thesis, held a series of workshops for bereaved parents,… Continue reading Dance Therapy Recital


I read about Radiohead releasing their new album In Rainbows to open downloads, and you pay what you think its worth. I paid 4 GBP (about $8) and listened. Good, but the song “House of Cards” is just phenomenal. Ethereal, dreamy. Love it. Support direct to consumer without DRM. Radiohead website