Rhapsody Desktop Script error

At some point, Rhapsody (Windows 7) started popping error messages every time I did something in the GUI. Annoying.

Found this article that described a possibility of firewall or AV software.

I drilled into Internet Options, the Security tab, then looked at Trusted Sites. (Click the “Sites…” button.)

The offending URL was there, http://pagead.googlesyndication.com/. SO why is it failing?

Check the checkbox, “Require https for all zones”. This URL does NOT have https, so it is being blocked. Uncheck the box, and it now works fine.

It is still a risk that I had to disable the HTTPS option. But I don’t use IE anyway. It IS very annoying that Rhapsody DOES use IE as the basis for their application. Besides being non-portable, it stinks. I volunteer to rewrite it in Qt. For cash.

Recital: Steven Rausch

Steven continues the tradition of talented Rausch boys with his senior recital at Woodstock High School. Claire de Lune was magnificent – I closed my eyes and kind of floated along. The Barbershop Sweetheart was perfect – what a group. She’s Got a Way was a great song for his voice and highlighted his piano work. His duet with older brother Chris was cool on many levels, and their voices work wonderfully together.

See you at Scott’s recital…

Prelude in G Minor – Chopin
Where’er you Walk – Handel
Sound the Trumpet – Purcell – Duet with Chris Rausch
Tramerai – Schumann
Adieu Sweet Amaryllis – John Wilbye – Madrigal Quartet with Alayna DeVar, Ariana Freeman, Scott Rausch
The Vagabond – Ralph Vaughan-Williams
Bring Him Home – Claude-Michel Schonberg from Les Miserables
Prelude in C Minor – Chopin
Dreaming with a Broken Heart – John Mayer
Let Me Call you Sweetheart – Leo Friedman – The “Honey Crooners” feat. Alex Blue, Glenn DeVar, and Scott Rausch
Clair de Lune – Debussy
She’s Got a Way – Billy Joel
Anthem – Bjorn Ulvaeus

Dance Therapy Recital

On 10 July Bette and I attended the Faculty/Student Benefit Concert for the Dance/Movement Therapy & Counseling Department of Columbia College, Chicago. Why?

We responded in late spring to a letter from Alexandria, a local DMTC Master’s candidate (who actually attended Marian Central) who, for her thesis, held a series of workshops for bereaved parents, using physical activity (or movement) to bring relief. The usual attack is via long drawn out sessions of discussion, which Bette and I both found useful after Sarah died, but this was different. There was discussion, but also a lot of breath work and physical activity. The last session, we played in a 12 foot loop of a diaphanous stretch fabric, which opened our eyes to play and remembering things. She also took some video of us acting out scenes from our memory.

Her thesis was turning these experiences into dance.

The dance was called Buried Treasure, and was part of a series of recital pieces from the students and staff of the department. It was a lot of fun, and the music was very good too. I always find new music when attending these things (just like working with Poms). And I was thinking, I should have invited Poms (and alumnae) to this – they would have loved it. It was a benefit for some scholarships for students, who were awarded them after the dance was over. Just like a Sarah clinic!

Afterwards, there was a nice reception catered by the Melting Pot fondue (chain) restaurant, with a fountain of chocolate martinis and chocolate fondue with fruit and Rice Krispies treats. We were able to talk to Alexandria, who was pouring (free) wine, and she told us she had reviewed the video for our physical presentation and used that to choreograph the dancers for her piece. A lot of thought went into it – amazing. She used the best line, “Everyone grieves in their own way”. If everyone remembered that, the trip would be a lot easier.

Dance Center of Columbia College, 1306 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL
Melting Pot, 609 N. Dearborn, Chicago, IL 60654

Update– here is the playlist — I love music for these things – artists have lots of ideas!
1. Savage Acquiescence / “Fade To Black” by Apocalyptica from “Inquisition Symphony”
2. a sublimer / “Weird Fishes / Arpeggi” by Radiohead from “In Rainbows”
3. Communion / “Journeying” by Steve Halpern from ?
more to come…
4. “Nobody knows the trouble i see” / trad. spiritual
4a. “Trampled Rose” by Alison Krauss from “Raising Sand” (unbelievable)
5. Buried Treasures / “Silent World” by Donna Lewis from “Now In A Minute”
6. Matters of Self / “Hide and Seek” by Imogen Heap from “Speak For Yourself”
7. moving through / “Guaranteed”, “No Ceiling” and “Rise” by Eddie Vedder from the “Into the Wild” soundtrack.
8. Beating / “Feedback”, “So Much Betta” by Janet Jackson
9. Euphoric – Inherent – Drive
10. Shapeshifting
11. Disquieted Front / “Biscuit” by Portishead from “Dummy” (Sarah had this album!)
12. Two Moons
13. Work, Play, Love
14. BESS in Hip Hop / “Smooth Criminal” by Michael Jackson, “Dance and Shout” by Shaggy, “Track 1” by Dabrye, “Go Girl” by Pitbull

R.E.M. at United Center

Bette and I left Woodstock to pickup Jeff and Susie in Huntley at 4, leaving plenty of time to get downtown. We thought. We got on I-90 and after zipping down to Elgin, it just stopped. We thought we might have time to stop in Oak Park for some Robinson’s Ribs, but it took us 3 hours to get to the show. Ick.

Parked across the street at an unofficial parking lot, but the car pointed right out the gate for easy exit. It was a great spot.

We arrived around 6:30, and were able to find our seats (Section 112, Row 19, Seat 24) and they were nice – high, just under the rooms, right on the aisle, and over the walkway so we didn’t have anyone in front of us. Until later, when the dopes next to us were standing out in my line of sight, and I had to stand to see.

We had some food from the vendors in the lobby area. Bette and I had the Cajun chicken. We split it and an order of fries – good thing, because the thing was HUGE! It better be for $8. We had some wine, and went up to sit and watch the crowd gather.

The first act The National, came on at 7:10, a band I never heard of. I liked them, kind of a dreamy sound. The second act was Modest Mouse, who I had heard of, but never listened to. I liked some of their stuff but it was a little too intense for me. Susie and Jeff, however, had their CDs and considered their set a highlight of the evening. “Wait till the kids hear we saw Modest Mouse – we are so cool”.

R.E.M. came on and did a lot of songs from the new album, and a lot of oldies but goodies. It was a great show, and the Fan Club tickets rock. No discounts, but just not having to stand in line was worth the $10 a year. Plus you get the Holiday disc. If you like R.E.M., you should join.

United Center
R.E.M. Website
R.E.M. Fan Club Website