Google Nexus 6P

I finally decided my old Google Galaxy Nexus was done. I couldn’t use the phone in the house, it was having random meltdowns where apps would kill the battery in 4 hours, and was getting text messages duplicated inbound and outbound. Surfing was a slow nightmare. I just could not trust it as I could when it was new, and could not use it reliably for texting. I don’t text a lot, but I do need it to work.

So after reading a gob of reviews, I decided to go Google Nexus 6P, the new Huawei Nexus version in the phone form factor. I ordered the 64Gb version, and the Speck case in black and white. It quickly arrived.

Phone? More like a surfboard. Large, about halfway between the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7 Tablet. Fits into my hand, barely. Gorgeous display. I downloaded a selection of apps, redid the 2-factor setups on several accounts, restored a backup using Helium (was Carbon). Called Consumer Cellular (AT&T MVNO) to transfer the number – had to go to local Sears first to get the Nano-SIM, my existing Micro-SIM did not fit. After a bit I had to order cables – it uses the new Type-C USB format, and I needed USB to USB Type-C for connection to a laptop and car charger. Love the format, hate having to buy new cables, but now I won’t ever again.

It calls and texts in the basement in my pocket. Old phone did not. I spilled coffee on it today. The Speck case seals around the edge, and a ArmorSuit Military Grade screen protector prevented anything from touching the screen. I have dropped it several times, no problem. I did get the insurance.


  • Fast charge, good battery life. Phone used for 10 mins/day, some surfing, mostly WiFi.
  • Great display.
  • Fingerprint unlock is the best. Grab, unlock, go. I would never go back.
  • Android 6 Marshmallow works and looks great for fans of stock Android. No crapware.
  • Unlocked and compatible with Verizon AND AT&T. Can’t wait to try in Canada or Europe.


  • Big, sometimes gets away from you. If have small hands, it won’t be an easy one-hander. Hard to stow in pockets.
  • New cables required for USB Type-C
  • Expensive
  • That’s it. Great phone.

Moving on from the SCP-3810

So we moved off of Sprint, and Bette got a Verizon phone that we soon hope to have on PagePlus. Her old phone was a Sanyo SCP-3810, that I wanted to get some photos from before I wiped it.

There are some pay like Datapilot, which I might have gone with, but they have several links saying “buy this for $19.95”, and all the carts say $39.95. A lot for something I will use once, and even more annoying with the price difference.

I kept hunting and found this article HOW TO: Transfer Pictures/Data from Sanyo Mirro SCP-3810 to PC Via USB on Howard Forums. Installed the drivers (were even attached to the article), virus checked them, and installed BitPim. Worked like buttah. Some of the features are not supported, like SMS recovery, but who cares? No pictures there.

Cheers to folks who figure stuff out.

Mouse Wars – Evoluent vs. AirO2bic

I just bought another ergonomic mouse, an Air02bic Quill mouse.

I liked the Evoluent mouse, but its biggest problem is that you drag your hand on the surface of the table. Makes it hard to move. I wondered about attaching a base to it to prevent that problem.

The folks at Designer Appliances beat me to it. The AirO2bic mouse nestles your hand so it doesn’t even touch the table. It’s a little weird, because it almost feels like your wrist cannot move — like in a cast. I think it will take some getting used to it. The position of the mouse pad ($10 extra, but huge) seems more critical.

But you know, if my pen pad still worked on Windows XP/64, I would still use that. To me, the pen control is the ultimate controller.


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