Why doesn’t my #!@$#$%@ console show my variables?

Given: Google Chrome, Dev Tools open, Console open. Paused at breakpoint. $scope.currentDb $scope.currentDb $scope.currentDbb $scope.currentDb Date.now() Nothing prints. Why? Give me a few hours. Finally, consider the log level selector bottom right of the console panel. Note the current selection is “Debug”. Click the “All” button. $scope.currentDbb undefined (should be) $scope.currentDb WebSource {dbName: “name”, dbIcon:… Continue reading Why doesn’t my #!@$#$%@ console show my variables?

Building Git 1.8 on Centos 6

We use Centos as a VM for development. Intellij IDEA was complaining about the 1.7.1 version from the Centos distro, requiring Picky. So I grabbed the git source: $ git clone https://github.com/git/git $ cd git $ make … http-push.c:920: error: ‘xml_cdata’ undeclared (first use in this function) http-push.c:921: warning: implicit declaration of function ‘XML_Parse’… Continue reading Building Git 1.8 on Centos 6

Boolean Params in Jenkins

I modified an existing job in Jenkins to use a boolean flag, so I could check it if I wanted to disable the Maven tests. To do so, you define a property: mvn -Dmaven.skip.tests=true goal goal… So for the boolean config I set the name to maven.skip.tests and put in the Maven command config: -Dmaven.skip.tests=${maven.skip.tests}… Continue reading Boolean Params in Jenkins

Building svn2git from Qt

Trying to convert a SVN repo to Git. The Ruby version works, but does not commit all the files with the correct CRLF chars – seems to ignore the global settings. svn2git http://svnhost.xx.com/svn/repo/mobile/circdesk-android/trunk –rootistrunk –verbose > x I can reconvert the repo afterwards to fix the endings (see this) but it makes diffing before and… Continue reading Building svn2git from Qt