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Moving on from the SCP-3810

So we moved off of Sprint, and Bette got a Verizon phone that we soon hope to have on PagePlus. Her old phone was a Sanyo SCP-3810, that I wanted to get some photos from before I wiped it.

There are some pay like Datapilot, which I might have gone with, but they have several links saying “buy this for $19.95”, and all the carts say $39.95. A lot for something I will use once, and even more annoying with the price difference.

I kept hunting and found this article HOW TO: Transfer Pictures/Data from Sanyo Mirro SCP-3810 to PC Via USB on Howard Forums. Installed the drivers (were even attached to the article), virus checked them, and installed BitPim. Worked like buttah. Some of the features are not supported, like SMS recovery, but who cares? No pictures there.

Cheers to folks who figure stuff out.

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