“It’s hard to feel motivated. All this red vs. blue, it’s like, Are you guys Crips and Bloods? What about tackling jobs, obesity, poverty? Since red and blue make purple, why not unite, because scientifically speaking, purple is the fastest light. If they were to come together, they would be faster and more powerful” The… Continue reading Purple

Hudson, Git and the extra space

At work I am installing a new Hudson slave for continuous integration. Everything works great, using the Tanuki Java Service Wrapper to fire up the slave.jar, but when it comes time to run the build, it fails: Started by user anonymous Building remotely on warehouse_build_slave Checkout:WarehousePortal_Rake / /var/hudson/workspace/WarehousePortal_Rake – hudson.remoting.Channel@26c81672:warehouse_build_slave Using strategy: Default Checkout:WarehousePortal_Rake /… Continue reading Hudson, Git and the extra space