Renaming photos based on filename

I found some photos of a rock climbing group from work. They were named “Cora At Top.JPG”, which is great to look at the once, but they don’t really fit into the archival scheme. Plus I didn’t want to have to reenter the caption, since it was encoded into the filename already. I reached into… Continue reading Renaming photos based on filename


At work, someone sent this around: The most recent comment was the best fistusfanius (2 hours ago) The physic are all wrong, there’s no way he’d travel that far… Anyone who knows basic physics knows that since the arc is similar on the down and upslopes and the height of the ramps is similar,… Continue reading Megawoosh

New Mats

The CR-V has nice fuzzy floor mats, but they were already getting trashed – lots of water, sand and dirt. You can wash – but for a leased vehicle? Protect all you can. I already dumped coffee once… I had heard of WeatherTech on WBEZ, and we purchased nice mats several years ago from them… Continue reading New Mats