Renaming photos based on filename

I found some photos of a rock climbing group from work. They were named “Cora At Top.JPG”, which is great to look at the once, but they don’t really fit into the archival scheme. Plus I didn’t want to have to reenter the caption, since it was encoded into the filename already.

I reached into the new release (2.7.4) of the ever useful EXIFUtils and checked the field name list. I found [file-name] and [file-base], which represent as a source the file name e.g. “Cora At Top.JPG” and the base file name “Cora At Top”. So by entering:

> exifedit /a ip-caption=[file-base] .

I add a IPTC-Caption tag to each file using the file base name as the caption. The brackets make it a “macro”, otherwise the literal text “file-base” is inserted, which is not what I wanted. The dot is *.*.

The program creates a bunch of backup files, which I deleted. The /b option does not create backups. Next time.

Then I use my imgnum script to reformat the name to the FSC_YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS std format.

"%EXIFUTILS_HOME%\exiffile.exe" /t /n VVKG[date-taken].jpg .
rem change space to _
%CYGWIN_HOME%\bin\rename.exe " " "_" *.jpg
rem change dash to null
%CYGWIN_HOME%\bin\rename.exe - "" *.jpg
%CYGWIN_HOME%\bin\rename.exe - "" *.jpg
%CYGWIN_HOME%\bin\rename.exe - "" *.jpg
%CYGWIN_HOME%\bin\rename.exe - "" *.jpg

Paula Poundstone

Not sure what to expect. We have heard her on the Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me radio program, and enjoy her there. But a stand up show?
It was local at the Woodstock Opera House, and only $28. Not going downtown. Worth it.

Dinner at Mixteca beforehand. I had the pork Cxxxx, Bette the Xxxx Verde soup, and Tim and Deb split the Cxxxxx. Margaritas all around. Muy bien.

We parked around the corner, and the ropes were still up on the stairs, so we milled in the lobby for awhile. Chatted, and looked at art. After sitting down, found a gentleman behind us who was involved with Bette’s Ag in the Classroom. Deb knew another person behind us. Small town, eh?

In a word, Paula was great. Engaging, funny, self-deprecating. She worked questions out of the audience and flogged them for great comedic effect. Kind of made fun of farmers, the another who owned a daylily nursery, another with an apple orchard, and another who is a psych nurse. And she worked all this material into stuff about her kids, her life. A little liberal moaning about the health care debate (nice.) Had a fun spar — the atheist woman vs. the pastor and part-time golf course greenskeeper. And she kept asking, “Who sees a show at 6:00”, and worried about the rowdy 9PM crowd.

I was sad to see it end; we could have sat through the next show easily. Just a pleasant, enjoyable evening.


At work, someone sent this around:

The most recent comment was the best

fistusfanius (2 hours ago)
The physic are all wrong, there’s no way he’d travel that far…

Anyone who knows basic physics knows that since the arc is similar on the down and upslopes and the height of the ramps is similar, that all the energy gained on the way down is used on the way up. So the slider would just barely fall off of the edge, if friction did not prevent him from getting up the other side at all. Without a rocket pack, anyway.

Too bad most people will look at this and go, “cool, I want to do that” and not realize it’s fake.

License Plate Frames

I hate the frames from the dealer. Cheap, floppy and advertising.

So while we were getting mats from MacNeil I picked up two license plate covers, the ClearCover with plastic over the plate for the front (suggested by the ever-helpful salesman), P/N 60020 and a ClearFrame (P/N 63020) plain one for the back.

Two things I don’t like about the Honda: One, the small pseedometer, and two the fact that the rear license plate mount includes only the two top holes. Four holes is much better – no rattling etc. So I had to deal with the plate flopping around. They have two little foam pads that are to stop the plate from hitting the body, but are too thin.

The frame did not quite do it. The frame wiggled enough that the plate hit the paint. So I went to the hardware store and found two rubber posts threaded with 1/4-20 brass. Combine that with a 1/4-20×3/8 stainless steel screw, and now the bottom sticks out a bit, but does not vibrate.

MacNeil Automotive Products
2435 Wisconsin Ave.
Downers Grove, Illinois 60515

New Mats

The CR-V has nice fuzzy floor mats, but they were already getting trashed – lots of water, sand and dirt. You can wash – but for a leased vehicle? Protect all you can. I already dumped coffee once…

I had heard of WeatherTech on WBEZ, and we purchased nice mats several years ago from them for the Volvo. I had been eyeing the Weather Tech FloorLiner Digital Fit system for a while, but we happened to be near Westchester with some time to kill. A quick email a few days ahead, and Derek confirmed they had the tan ones in stock, and I would be able to check them out when I got there.

It was very busy – lots of customers in the parking lot, and the will-call area was deserted except by customers waiting. People ducked in and out asking questions and they would vanish again. After a few minutes a guy came in and asked if i needed help. I gave him the info and he went off to get the mats. 5 minutes later he returned, and we headed outside to try the mats out.

They fit great – the old ones came out, and he put the new ones in, they even clicked over the retaining clips. Then the guy commented he had a Honda Pilot with the tan interior and black dashboard and he liked the black better – the tan was more browny than on the website. I did agree that the color was strange in the car, and he offered to run inside and grab a set in black. After 10 minutes, he came back out apologetically, and installed the black. Much better. We took out the tan, installed the black, and headed inside to finish up.

I grabbed a couple of license plate holders, and he poked at the terminal, and ran into a problem with the credit card machine. While we waited for help with the invoice, he confided that he was a geek, not a salesperson, normally he was working on the website. We chatted about geekish things about the site, the other guy came back and finished the transaction and eventually the deed was done.

Good service, nice product. Stimulate that economy! Made in USA!!!!

MacNeil Automotive Products
2435 Wisconsin Ave.
Downers Grove, Illinois 60515

Browns Lake 2009

Spent another long weekend at Browns Lake, Burlington WI. Arrived Friday afternoon, unloaded, hung out and opened up the boat.

Headed out to Charcoal Grill, on the Fox River in town. We decided to sit outside, and it was warm, not too, low breeze, and sundown. Perfect. With the river a few feet away.

Charcoal Grill, 580 Milwaukee Ave., Burlington, WI 53105

On the way out we asked the waitress about a custard stand someone at work mentioned. She pointed and said “Adrian’s. Right there”. We literally drove around the corner, and pulled into an old fashioned family ice cream stand.

I ordered a medium cone of vanilla. Good and huge. Sat on the table out in front and watched the kids and grandparents come out of Echo Park across the street after the band concert.
Adrian’s Frozen Custard, 572 Bridge St Burlington, WI

Then off to get the fishing licenses at Reineman’s.

Next day up early to prepare all the food for the onslaught and the 50th Wedding Anniversary party for the parents. Things went well, only one trip to the food store required.

Next day, golf at the Browns Lake Golf Course down the road. Hop in the boat.

Note to self: boat gas is 50:1 mix.

8/3: Went to BJ Wentker’s, a small restauarant in a pointy building in Burlington. We had been once in the winter a few years ago, but dragged my parents along. Luck with us: 1/2 price Wine Bottles – Rosenblum Paso Robles ($36). Nice. Some Brie Wraps ($8) for appetizer – Dad even liked. Mom and I had the Cowboy Ribeyes – a little chewy but very tasty ($24). Dad had the NY Strip – can’t miss ($28). Gorgeous old bar, wonderful restored building. Nice place. Recommended.

BJ Wentker’s, 230 Milwaukee Ave. (Hwy 36), Burlington, WI