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Wine Review - Oak Leaf Cab; Dominio de la Peseta 2002 Crianza

So on our trip to Iowa, we did our pilgrimage to Walmart, and found their $3 answer to “two-buck Chuck”Oak Leaf Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon. It has no vintage. I couldn’t resist.

I drank this. Its color is very weak, does not have much aroma. Kind of a nasty start. Finish is harsh. In short, it’s probably as good as 2BC, and worth every penny.

But, I found a wine at the Armanetti’s in Woodstock which is night and day better, and is $6. It is a Spanish red blend, Dominio de la Peseta 2002 Crianza. Aged 10 months in oak. I’ll bet 2BC is aged 10 minutes in pine. Not a lot of cash, but with a powerful aroma, notes of earth and grit. I really didn’t like it much at first, but it grew on me. The wine dude at the store said it is a good wine, they got a good deal on it, but it is not a cellaring wine, and it’s already 7 years old. Good, I’d rather drink it! Considering a case.

-Update 5/21 Got a case – save 15%, and no shipping!

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