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cimgnum – Canon Image Support | Dave Page

I use a Canon PowerShot A70 — basic, ok, easy that uses AA batteries (rechargeable, but resuppliable in a pinch). You never use the USB cable – too slow and sucks batteries. I pop the CF card and copy them using ThumbsPlus to my yearly image folder. But they all have stupid names like IMG_2620.JPG.

Using ThumbsPlus to analyze the EXIF information, I found a field called serial number. This number starts at zero and counts up for every picture. So if I could only change the filename based on the embedded serial number, I would have uniquely (for my camera) numbered pix.

Enter EXIFUtils. Using these command line utils, I rename the file to “C” plus the serial number padded out. “C” stands for “Canon”, and other cameras and scanners have a different code letter in my collection.

Then the highly useful Unix/cygwin util rename is used to replace all “-” chars with a null char — remove the dash. So IMG_2620.JPG is ultimately renamed to C3242620.JPG with a file date of the ORIGINAL time of taking the picture — so ordering files by date gives all the shots in temporal order.


"c:\Program Files\EXIFutils\exiffile.exe" /t /n C[cn-image-num].jpg .
rem change dash to null
c:\devtools\cygwin\bin\rename.exe - "" *.jpg

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